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Adult High School

1015 Josephine St.
Springfield, TN 3717
phone: (615) 382-8914   fax: (615) 382-3605


School Hours:
Monday - Thursday
7:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Who We Are

 Who are we?  It’s simple math

Welcome to the Robertson County Adult High School, part of the Robertson County Adult Education Program. We are in our fourth year, providing programs to meet the education needs of Robertson County’s citizens over the age of eighteen.

As we provide these opportunities to the community we appreciate and encourage comments and feedback from the public to help us develop what Robertson County needs. Please feel free to contact us by phone, mail, or email to let us know your thoughts:

          Phone: (615) 382-8914
          Mail:    RCAHS
                      Dr. Chris Winters, Adult High School Coordinator
                      1015 Josephine St.
                      Springfield, TN 37172

Our goal is to develop educational opportunities that meet the needs of our growing, diverse community. We currently have several programs which provide adults a path to earn their high school diploma. As we experience success and grow we hope to offer a variety of programs beyond those that lead to a high school diploma. Join us in our journey to provide a high-quality, life-long learning experience for all Robertson County residents!

Our Mission

Robertson County Adult High School is to provide Robertson County residents the opportunity to complete their high school diploma in a challenging, yet caring, environment.


William Winters

Titles: Adult High School Coordinator

Ariane Overby

Titles: Spanish Translator, Educational Assistant

Veda Hurt

Titles: Teacher


Adult High School Program

This program is designed to allow Robertson County adults who never finished the class requirements for a high school diploma to complete the courses necessary to graduate. We will review and evaluate your high school transcripts and plan a program of study with you that will consist of the 22 course credits needed to earn a high school diploma in Tennessee.

Gateway Program

There are adults in our county who passed all of their classes in high school but did not pass some of their Gateway Tests in English, Math, or Science. When they were in school students had to pass all three to receive their diploma. For students who have met all graduation requirements except for passing these tests we offer assistance and instruction in the subject area needed, preparing the student to pass the needed Gateway test.


After you contact RCAHS to inquire about our programs, we will schedule a meeting with you to answer any questions and to begin the application process.

Adult and Gateway Program Applicants

In our first meeting we will discuss the program, its requirements, and our expectations of you as a student. We will also let you know what you can expect from us in terms of instruction, assistance, and support. You will fill out several forms in the application packet and you will be given information regarding the background check. Please come to the meeting with your driver’s license, your social security number, and information regarding the schools from which you have received any high school credits, including the dates you attended each school.

We will also fill out a form for your background check. We will schedule this appointment for you and will contact you with the time and date. When you attend this appointment, please take your driver’s license, the form we will provide for you, and your payment for the background check. The background check fee is the only cost you will incur as a student at RCAHS but this fee is nonrefundable.

A few days after your background check appointment we will receive the results. We will contact you with these results and will schedule your orientation to RCAHS (provided you pass the background check.) At this orientation we will complete the paperwork to enroll you and you will begin working on your diploma!

Below are links to some of our forms and information that you may find helpful.