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Credit Recovery

What is Credit Recovery?
*Credit Recovery is for students who have failed a required high school course and wish to recover the credit without repeating the entire course.

*Students are given the opportunity to master the skills that they were unable to master during regular class time.

*Courses are offered using computer software which provides students the individual instruction and practice they need to master the course material.

*The grade achieved through Credit Recovery does not replace the failing grade on a student’s transcript. It will show as a repeated course and the maximum grade that can be recovered is an 83%.

Program Eligibility
*Any student in grades 9-12 is eligible for Credit Recovery if he/she has failed a required course with a minimum grade of 63%. 

*Participation is based on the availability of courses needed for recovery of credit.

*The grade level of students prioritizes enrollment in Credit Recovery. For example, seniors receive priority over juniors, juniors over sophomores, and so on. Once fees are paid, assignment is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

When does Credit Recovery take place?
*This varies by school location. Please see your School Counselor or designee for more information.

What else should I know?
*The application process much be completed by the student at the school level. All paperwork must be complete with student and parent signatures to be considered for enrollment.

*Students have 3 months to complete their credit recovery course, free of charge.  After the 3 months, they will be charged a fee based on the credits needed: $35 for ½ credit and $50 for 1 credit.

*Course enrollment will not be made until all paperwork is complete and fees are paid.

*Specific timelines may be given for course work to be completed.

 What do I need to be successful in Credit Recovery?
*Students should be self-motivated and self-directed. He or she must want to complete the work.

*Students must be able to work independently on a computer.

*Students must be willing and able to follow all rules and regulations of the program.

This sounds great! How do I get started?
See your School Counselor today!

Dr. Holmes, Credit Recovery Coordinator